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Morning all!

This is possibly the strangest request you will get today, but also one of the easiest!

At the end of June I am taking on a little race called the Thames Ring 250, which is a 250 mile, non-stop ultra...starting on Wednesday 24th June at 10am and a cut off of Sunday 2pm (about 100 hours or so). 
See for details (places are still available!)

There are aid stations every 25 miles, and you are only allowed support at these aid stations....nothing in between.  No buddy runners, no being spoon-fed hot ravioli every 6 miles (like I was when I did the GUCR last year), and no randomly jumping in a car to warm up/be sick/sleep.

On the positive side, I'll be able to eat my own body weight of food, provided I can carry it (or starve until the next aid station) and I won't need to pay out good money on mind-altering drugs as apparently the hallucinations by the second and third night are pretty extreme.

On the negative side, here is a link to the pictures of the finishers feet from 2013..

So what do I need your help for?  Well, it's very simple.  I want to get as many phonecalls as possible over the last 2 or 3 days as possible, including the over-nights, with the aim of keeping me awake.  This means phoning me up, and making conversation (I suspect I won't be very coherent towards the end) to keep me awake/motivated/amused/sane.  I honestly don't know whether I will be able to talk back much, so I'm relying on you to talk about what was on telly last night, what you're having for dinner, your crazy neighbour, and probably a bit about running too (but perhaps not too much, eh?).  You may only get grunts in reply, but you may get a monologue from me about how much I hate running/not sleeping/ children/ canals /coffee/running/walking/my feet.  Or you may have to console me when I start to cry like a little girl.  Or phone the police when I fall in the canal.  Who knows??

It doesn't matter if you don't know me - I'm pretty confident I won't be 'with it' so you could say you're the queen and I'll be quite happy.  You just need to be able to make a little conversation, and then put the phone down (thiking, I'm going to do that next year!).

I'm thinking at the moment, that I'd like volunteers for calling me overnight (say 11pm to 6am) as I will schedule people in for every hour to ensure I get a reasonably spread chain of calls.  For the rest of the daytime,  I will just have a list of people that will call me throughout the day, but it would be good at this stage to have some idea of how many people.  Although I havn't really got my head around the details, I may ask you to put something on twitter (if you can) or facebook to say how I'm doing/feeling, but I havn't really got that far yet.

So, the request...can you commit to phone me sometime on Thursday 25th June, Fri, Sat, Sun, perhaps saying a 3 hour slot that you will try to phone in?  If you are really mad, can you be one of the people that will call me overnight on Thu, Fri, Sat night?

Could you send me an ....or reply to this forum message.  Include your email address if possible, and I will put together a 'newsletter' for all the volunteers  :)

I should stress, guys, please don't think you're signing up to anything serious here.  It's not a problem if you can't make the call, or if I'm not very chatty.  I'm purely speculating that having a friendly conversation might help when I am at my lowest point and want to cut my own feet off with a penknife.

Thanks for reading this,

P.s. If anyone that doesn't have anything better to do wants to come along to the aid stations for the last few days, to watch me fall apart, they are more than welcome.  It may give you a bit of insight into ultra-running, it would help me to know that someone is up ahead with a hot meal, and it would mean that my long-suffering wife would not have to worry quite so much (haha).  Obviously, I would pay any/all expenses.  Just a thought!

Races / Re: Ramsgate Rotary 10K off?
« Last post by Ed Heardman on May 22, 2015, 07:42:11 PM »
Thanks Rick - shame a nice local run is now off the cards. Removed from the calendar now.
Races / Harbour Wallbanger - RACE FULL
« Last post by Sharon Foster on May 19, 2015, 10:14:34 AM »
Thanks to everyone this event is now full.  There will be no entries on the day
Races / Ramsgate Rotary 10K off?
« Last post by Rick Ryder on May 15, 2015, 12:24:53 AM »
from the Rotary webpage
The Club has cancelled this year’s 10K road run, due to be held on June 7, because of difficulties concerning the technicalities of arranging road closures.
It is however determined to keep the event going and has  decided that it will take place next on June 5 2016.
The man behind the original idea, Simon Wallace, last year’s Rotary Club President said: “Naturally we are very disappointed having to make this decision but in order to ensure the repeat success of the first race last  year we  had no alternative. The safety of the public, as well as  the runners, has to be paramount.”
General Discussion / Pegwell 100th parkrun
« Last post by smitha on April 29, 2015, 10:54:21 AM »
Good pictures on the following link, Shaun Mason, Owen Mitchell and one of the juniors.
General Discussion / Re: London Marathon
« Last post by Bill Wright on April 27, 2015, 10:55:27 AM »
Congratulations to all Traccies who were running yesterday, what an event. Was staggered at the time Paula Radcliffe did it in, 2:36:55 with very little training in the last couple of months, waving to the crowd all the way. Before Sunday the UK's fastest marathon time for a woman was slower than that. She finished about 7 minutes inside the qualifying time for Rio, what a performance.
General Discussion / London Marathon
« Last post by Rick Ryder on April 25, 2015, 09:03:53 PM »
Wishing all the runners a great day tomorrow,
today the park runners at Pegwell gave them the recognition and  round of applause they richly deserve.
savor and enjoy the day.
I will be glued to the TV looking out for you!
Races / Re: Darent Valley 10k
« Last post by Andy Stevens on April 16, 2015, 07:32:32 PM »
I'm sure it started at 8.30 the year i did it.  I know i had to leave home around 6ish which was ridiculous for a 10k.
Races / Re: Darent Valley 10k
« Last post by Bill Wright on April 16, 2015, 10:11:30 AM »
Andy, yes I have done it a couple of times and it is a good race, but I have a funny feeling it is an hour earlier this year. They probably have to do it because closing the little narrow country lanes around the course and putting in the informal one way system they need has made it more and more difficult to get permission to hold it, hence the increasingly early start.
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