News Unofficial Club Etiquette: The Importance of Running back! Unofficial Club Etiquette: The Importance of Running back!


Report by Ian Lockyer
2013-09-24 22:43:38

Unofficial Club Etiquette: The Importance of Running back!

Can you remember when you first started with Thanet Roadrunners?  I can, I was slow….I was really slow…. I couldn’t run 200m without stopping.  But gradually over time, my stamina and fitness got better and after two years did my first marathon.

But in those first days of self-doubt, it was the support and enthusiasm of fellow club members that kept me going.  More importantly, it was the fact that we were all running together which meant that no one was left behind.

This leads me to my point about ‘Running Back’ during club runs.  If you are a new member, this is the principle that if you are a fast runner, you are obliged to run back to the beginners, slow runners or even injured runners, once you get to a prearranged point.  Upon your return to the main pack, you have the option of running with the slower runners or running back again to the prearranged point.

The benefits of ‘Running Back’ are numerous, but I think a lot of people are forgetting the importance of doing this.

The Faster Runner

o       You get extra training by running back.  You can either run back at pace or use it as a mid race recovery run.

o       You will be covering more distance which most of us are usually looking for.

o       Importantly, you will be about to chat to the slower runners and encourage them.  Most people find that encouraging fellow club members is one of the most rewarding things you can do. 

The Beginner

Seeing the elite runners return provides encouragement and makes you feel included.  There is nothing so soul destroying than being left behind which gives your mind time to think negatively about whether you should be running at all.

The Club

Lastly, getting club members to look out for each other is an important ethos of the club and allows everyone to bond socially….this is an important part of being a Thanet Roadrunner.

 … do you remember when you first started?


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