News Run as Part of the Thanet Roadrunners team in 2017! Run as Part of the Thanet Roadrunners team in 2017!


Report by Ian Lockyer
2014-04-27 16:37:35

Run as Part of the Thanet Roadrunners team in 2017!

Members of Thanet Roadrunners AC are actively encouraged to participate in our races, relays or cross countries. ..whatever your running ability. Our club is our ethos is that running is for everyone, whatever the ability.  In most cases everyone who has taken part in these events has enjoyed the experience and camaraderie…importantly it also helps the club accrue points in club championships.

Club runners Tanya Edwards and Debbie Hatt never thought that they would be able to represent the club.  

Tanya Edwards started running for about 2 1/2 years.  When she first started running, her main aim was to just get to the 5k distance. She now represents the club at many events.  Tanya said, ‘the events challenge me to do something a bit different, to keep it all interesting. They are great for improving fitness.  As someone who was absolutely rubbish at sport at school, it's so nice to be part of a team and get that sense of achievement. Even if I'm not the best, at least I’ve tried.  ‘

Debbie Hatt initially thought that she would not be good enough to compete for the club.  She said, ’one of the most important things is the camaraderie, being cheered on by your teammates, getting to know people more, a sense of club achievement, a good giggle as well usually!!’ 

Her advice to anyone new in the club is,’just give it a go, you will surprise yourself.  Just being part of the team is such a positive thing, and you will NOT regret having a go, whatever your ability and these races really do help with your general running training too.’

So if you are interested in taking part in any of the races, cross country or relays, please contact Richard Purton (Men’s Captain) and Claire Greenaway (Women’s Captain)


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