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Report by Richard Purton
2017-11-14 13:21:03

STRAVA, Facebook for Exercise!

STRAVA is a great medium for keeping an eye on what your friends are up to, not just with running but cycling, swimming and many other activities that can be uploaded.

You have a profile, not unlike Facebook where you can upload your activities manually or by using the app on the phone to record your activity. The most popular way is to link your running watch to STRAVA, and it will upload automatically. You can monitor everybody's activities by viewing the feed and can give Kudos to people's activities in the same way as liking on Facebook. You can also comment on people's activities to give encouragement, support and praise and often good banter.

Your profile also acts as a log for all your activities. Each activity records your time, pace, distance and splits and a map of where you've been not unlike Garmin Connect. It also informs you if you have run a STRAVA segment. These are certain stretches which have leaderboards for the fastest time the segment has been covered. Top it and you will receive a much-coveted crown.

You can log in to the website or more conveniently via the phone app. It is available free for a more than an adequate version or the full premium version with more features is available with a 30-day trial and then £5.99 per month which can be cancelled at any time.

It is a fantastic source of motivation not only from seeing what others are up to but also by joining a club and tracking what weekly distances people are running on a leaderboard. People have been known to go out late on a Sunday evening to run two miles to top the board. There are all sorts of clubs available for running clubs to park runs. Sometimes discussions on varying subjects will be going on in the group's as well.

Download it for free and give it a go.....and don't forget to sign up for the 'Thanet Roadrunners AC group'...there are 66 of us on there already!


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