News Marathon Seminar- Turning Theory Into Practice (Wednesday 17th January) Marathon Seminar- Turning Theory Into Practice (Wednesday 17th January)


Report by Ian Lockyer
2018-01-01 16:55:59

Marathon Seminar- Turning Theory Into Practice (Wednesday 17th January)

I am pleased to announce that accomplished athlete, triathlete and club coach Noel Sutton will be holding a seminar about marathon training at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 17th January at the Sticky Wicket  (the bar upstairs in the sports centre next to the running track at the Harbour Academy).  This is an excellent opportunity for club members of all abilities and especially those who may have signed up to Spring Marathons already.

Noel will be looking at the science and theory of Marathon training and how to apply that to real life. 

He will cover subjects like: 

  • How long to plan your marathon training over.
  • What sort of mileage and sessions to do.
  • What paces to train at, when to rest and when to keep pushing.
  • When and how or even if to taper.
  • What sort of training blocks to plan.
  • He will look at race day itself. How or if to warm up. How to start the race, what pace to run at. How to judge your effort through the marathon.
  • He will also be doing a Q&A with club male model Bradley Cameron.
  • If he has time, he may also cover nutrition.  If he doesn't, there may be a part 2 to this seminar which will include training and race day nutrition.


The seminar is FREE TO ATTEND for all club members.  Contact Noel at or 07931 736245 if you want to attend. 

For more details about Noel's coaching work, visit


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