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Report by Steve King
2012-07-19 18:49:26

Junior Action


Six of the youngest junior members of Thanet Roadrunners AC competed at the Marlowe Academy on Friday 13th July 2012.  The event was the fourth round of the Thanet AC U11 open meeting series.  The performances registered by the TRAC athletes were as follows:

Isabella Obertelli 

9.0s (50m)

1:22.8 (400m)

1.71 (SLJ)

11.90m (VMH)

Brooke O'Hare 

9.4s (50m)

1:23.0 (400m)

1.77 (SLJ)

16.30m (VMH)

Maddie Stirk 

9.0m (50m)

1:29.7 (400m)



Rua O'Hare 

10.2s (50m)

1:35.7 (400m)

1.26 (SLJ)

7.60m (VMH)

Rebecca Hales

11.8s (75m)

2:10.7 (600m)



Jon Hart 

11.2s (75m)

1:59.1 (600m)

2.05m (SLJ)

38.00 (VMH)

SLJ = Standing Long Jump; VMH = Vortex Mega Howler (This looks like a miniature rugby ball with a tail and makes a whistling noise when thrown through the air.  It is thrown overarm like a cricket ball.)


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