News Thanet Roadrunners Aim to Raise Thousands for Charity in the 2014 London Marathon Thanet Roadrunners Aim to Raise Thousands for Charity in the 2014 London Marathon


Report by Ian Lockyer
2014-03-22 17:17:08

Thanet Roadrunners Aim to Raise Thousands for Charity in the 2014 London Marathon

Runners from across the Isle of Thanet will be pounding the streets of the capital on April 13th for the annual Virgin London Marathon.  There will be a large contingent from Thanet Roadrunners AC who will be aiming to raise thousands of pounds of charity with their efforts over the 26 mile course.  Here is a list of the runners and the worthy causes that they are raising money for:

Some of the Thanet Roadrunners running the London Marathon for charity

Shelley Rowe is running the London Marathon for the Garden Gate Project based in Northdown Park, Cliftonville. The Garden Gate are a community garden working with people with mental ill health and or learning disabilities. For details of this project go to The Garden Gate website

To sponsor Shelley, go to her fundraising link is:

Kerry Jakovljevic is running the London Marathon for Spinal Research. Kerry is a 28 years old and is a senior lettings negotiator working in Canterbury but lives in Ramsgate. She has only started running longer distances for a year; last year’s paddock wood half marathon was her first! 

About three years ago a friend of hers was sadly involved in a cycling accident.  He suffered a spinal cord injury which has left him disabled- for someone who used to cycle from Margate to Canterbury and back on an almost daily basis this was devastating! After doing some research, she came across Spinal Research and the tremendous work they do into such injuries and trying to rid the world of paralysis! Only a few years ago not a lot was known about spinal cord injuries, but through their hard work, determination and scientific skills, they are now on the Bronx of holding clinical trials. Through Kerry’s fundraising, she hopes to help fund the marvellous work already being done by this charity to help others, such as her friend! 

If you want to support Kerry her fundraising link is: 

Kelly Masters is running the London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK.  It will be her 2nd year of raising money for the charity and her 3rd London Marathon (ran in 2011 for Meningitis Trust).  She chose the charity as sadly lots of people she knows have been affected by cancer. 

She said,’ there are LOTS of children in my family and the thought of any them having cancer terrifies me.  As the saying goes " prevention is better than cure" and this is something the charity are striving for. They started as a small memorial trust and have grown to be the leading children's cancer charity.'

Her sponsorship link is and her target is £1800…she is about half way there.

Rick Ryder is running the London Marathon for Demelza Children's Hospice, a charity supporting families across Kent, South East London and East Sussex.

Rick said, ‘After seeing a photograph of myself sitting my 18 month old daughter on my Racing motorcycle, I had a cigarette hanging from my lips! My daughter had a Drip attachment from antibiotics fighting  meningitis (she attended Q, E, Q, M, every night for a week) I could see so much wrong in that picture I still cringe now! So I gave up racing motorcycles, I gave up the cigarettes put on weight and in spring 2010 as I approached 50 realized I needed to shape up.

'I started with a 2 mile jog and eventually over time got myself fitter and fitter,  eventually running my first ever marathon, The Kent Coastal Marathon. The best decision I ever made was to join a running club..and the second best was to make it Thanet Road Runners.'

If you want to support Rick is his fundraising link is:

Ian Lockyer is Running the London Marathon for The British Heart Foundation

Ian said, ‘I have been lucky enough to have been awarded a club place at this year’s London Marathon.  I am very chuffed about this and intend to run again for charity. I had several charities in mind, but a very tragic incident occurred last year that helped me make my choice.  Last year, Ricky Savage, one of our club members  and a very talented runner ran the Dublin Marathon for the British Heart Foundation.  He finished the race in a brilliant time, but was unfortunately taken ill at the finish line, only to tragically die a few days later.  My father and grandfather both died from heart disease so I am dedicating my run to all three of them.'

If you want to support Ian, his fundraising link is:

Claire Wild is running the London Marathon for Bliss, the charity for babies born too soon, too small or too sick.  

Claire has a very personal connection to this charity as Michael, her son, was born prematurely at 28 weeks, weighing just 3lbs , and spent his first 3 months in hospital.  He is now 14, and taller than Claire! 

Claire said, "This is my first marathon,  having watched my husband do them for a number of years, and I'm really excited about it, but very nervous too.  I'm grateful to all at TRAC for their support on their sunday morning runs, and plan on keeping running after the marathon (I hope!)"

If you want to sponsor, her fundraising link is:

Jon and Jo Holl are running the London Marathon for the Alzheimers Society

John Holl said, 'My dad died of dementia 4 years ago and Jo and I are running to support Alzheimer's.  Jo put in for the marathon and was successful in getting a ballot place on first application!!!  I am using a charity place.'

He added, 'After London you may expect we would take a rest. Instead we have agreed to be support runners for 'mad Bob Wild' who is competing in the  Birmingham to London non-stop run in May. We can join him after mile 70!'

If you want to support Jon and Jo Holl, their fundraising link is:



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