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Terms and Conditions of Entry

All our races have terms and conditions of entry. You should be aware of these before you enter a race.


Race Time Limits

Some of our races have time limits for competitors. Time limits are needed for the comfort, health and safety of entrants, marshals and other involved personnel. Events can take place in cold and windy conditions where marshals can become hypothermic easily, even when clothed suitably. Events can also take place in very hot conditions where hyperthermia is possible. Marshals will also need breaks to go to the toilet and so on. One of our events takes place on tidal coast land and the area is under water some of the time. We need a window of safety for this event and runners who are in danger of not making the next area of safety will be directed off the beach, onto an alternative route.

All entrants should reasonably expect to complete the course within any time limit stated on the entry form or other race documentation. Further, runners in the marathon should note that they will be withdrawn from the race if they have not reached the halfway mark in time. Our races will have a back-marker who will run at a pace to complete the race in the time limit. We reserve the right to withdraw any competitor who has fallen behind the pace required to meet any race time limit.


Headphones and Personal Music Players

Many of our races take place on open roads, or busy promenade, or where it is vital that instructions from marshals are heard and understood. In accordance with latest BARR guidelines, all of our races ask runners not to wear personal music players or other devices that use headphones or earphones. Please respect this – failure to do so could contravene race licence conditions and may jeopardise the race’s future. This will be enforced en route, and appropriate action will be taken. We may disqualify entrants who do not abide by these rules, and disqualified runners are not eligible for prizes or mementoes.


Transfer of entry to a third party

We allow you to transfer your entry to another person on the following conditions:

  • the person you are transferring the entry to fills in a paper entry form for the race,
  • you, as the race entrant, write and sign a dated letter authorising the transfer,
  • both are sent in the same envelope to the race entry clerk for the race to arrive BEFORE the postal closing date
  • Any additional affiliation fees are paid by cheque made payable to Thanet Roadrunners AC.


Refund of Entries

Thanet Roadrunners AC organise a number of events each year. We are a local club who try to put in more to the sport than we take out. All the work we do to organise events is done by unpaid volunteers. We rely on support from a number of sources, such as RAYNET (Thanet Branch) communications and Margate Combined Ambulance Corp and local Scout groups who are also volunteers. RAYNET and Margate Ambulance incur significant expenses to ensure they have the required equipment and training to ensure you have safe race and we can respond to any emergency situation effectively. We try hard to offset their costs by donating money to these organisations from race proceeds. Any surplus money from races either goes to support athletics, or is donated to charity.

Because of this situation, we are unable to refund any race entry fees once accepted.


Transfer of Entries to Alternative Races

As soon as you enter a race we start to incur costs for that race. This means we are unable to transfer race entries to a different race of ours either. The situation is the same as if you had bought a ticket for a concert or a similar event.


Race Cancelled Owing to Safety

Please note that under UKA rules, if a race is cancelled owing to safety reasons there is no obligation on the club to refund any money or provide any alternative.

In case of cancellation due to bad weather, we will endeavour to contact all runners via email. However, if the weather is inclement please check our website for up to date information.  Runners will be given the option of transferring their entry to a revised date or asking for a refund.  Refunds will be for the entry fee with £2 deducted for admin costs.  Unfortunately if you enter online we will not refund the extra £2 charged by Runners World.


Disabled Athletes

We invite any competitor with a disability wishing to take part in one of our events to contact the event race director well beforehand indicating the nature of their disability and any special requirements or needs they may have on the day.


Data Protection

Please note that we will store your details on a computer for the purposes of race administration and race information only and will not be transferred to third party, except as following:

  • The organisation providing the permit and race insurance (usually SEAA or England Athletics) will be provided with details of results, and names and contact details of race entrants, where requested. This is to meet the requirements of the race permit and insurance. 
  • Name, any club affiliation, race time and age category will be published in race results.
  • Medical details you pass to us may be passed on to our Medical Cover Organisations and Radio Communications organisation (usually Margate Ambulance and RAYNET) for race day purposes. This is to ensure your safety on the course.
  • Officially authorised Race Photographers, who may send you proofs of photographs to your registered address. If you do not want this service, please write "No PHOTOGRAPHS" on your entry form.  (Note that most now work by using web-based systems.)

Data will not be passed onto any other organisations by Thanet Roadrunners AC

We may occasionally use post to send you entry forms for our other races, or use email to send you information about the race, such as results, or one of our other races. If you do not wish to receive this please state "No post" or "No Email" on your entry form.

Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to request the details held by the club. This must be done in writing to the club secretary with a small fee of £5 by cheque, made payable to Thanet Roadrunners AC. We will endeavour to reply within 14 days of such a request and to correct any mistakes you find within a further 14 days of your notification to us.


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