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Training Times

Thanet Roadrunners has a number of Formal Training Sessions each week. If you are new to the club, or have not trained with us for some time then please phone to check that a training session will take place by talking to the contact.




Training Type




Monday Senior

Charles Dickens School Gates

We're introducing a fourth group from 7th October

Beginners (Helen), Intermediate (Steve to begin) and Advanced Groups, 50-60 minutes coached group runs

Novices Group, 50-60 minutes run-walk session


Steve Clarke

or for novices,

Gaynor Shelvey

Wednesday None, but Club Meetings are on the second Wednesday every other month, and management commitee meetings are held on the first Wednesday every month    


Senior Hills/Speed

(alternate weeks)

The Old Ramsgate Swimming Pool, Newington Road - All Abilities (Hills from 8/1/15)

Marlowe Academy track - All Abilities (Speed from 15/1/15)

(each week, from Ramsgate swimming pool))

 Novices Group, 50-60 minutes, run-walk session


Steve Clarke

or for novices,

Gaynor Shelvey

Friday Senior Hartsdown Leisure Centre 6.30-7.30pm Derek Sackett
Sunday Long (1.5-3 hours)

Derek Sackett's house, 27 Hartsdown Road, Margate

8.00am Derek Sackett

 Other training occurs on a more informal basis and you may well find other runners who want to train at a similar time, pace and distance to you when you talk to them. Feel free to use the forum to get in touch with others.

There is also a training schedule for the juniors - please see the junior section for full details.




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