Events Darts Night **CLUB MEMBERS**

Darts Night **CLUB MEMBERS** (25th Nov 2011)

Start time: 19.30

Location: East Kent Sports School, Marlowe Academy

Host: Carol Burton


On Friday 25th November we held a Darts night up at East Kent sports school, and was well attended by 18 members and family. Everyone played and seem to enjoy trying something different, with a few laughs on the way. The majority were novice players, so to make it fair everyone was split into two teams with the same amount of novice players and dart players, skippered by Simon Burton and Phil Kinnill. The winning team  is shown in the photo.

Both captains gave a lot of banter to each team, to distract the player throwing. Choice comment was when Simon said ‘that’s not nice, how could you beat a pensioner?’ The pensioner was Pauline Hall. Well done Pauline for managing to get the darts in the board without using the chair to stand on!


Team One                                             Team Two

                             Singles 401

Jacob Burton                W                     Julia Hall                       L

Pauline Hall                 L                     Mark Perkins                 W

Derek Hall                    W                     Jill                                  L

Matthew Hall                L                      Phil Kinnill                   W

Sally Kinnill                 W                      Donna Perkins              L

Simon Burton                L                     Gary Gillatt                   W

Mick Hall                      W                     Andy Stevens               L

Chris Hall                      L                      Carol Burton                W

Ben Burton                   W                    Gaynor Shelvey             L

                                        Threes 601

Mick, Jacob & Matthew        W                Phil, Mark & Carol             L

Derek, Ben & Sally               W                Donna, Gaynor & Jill          L

Simon, Chris & Pauline         L                 Andy, Julia & Gary             W

Final Score      7 - 5   to Team One

Thanks to Carol for the write up and for organising another successful club social!



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