Events Track Training Session

Track Training Session (24th Jan 2019)

Start time: 18:30

Location: The Royal Harbour Academy (Upper Site) | Marlowe Way Ramsgate England CT12 6FA

Host: Thanet Roadrunners AC

Want to get quicker? Speed work is what you need.

These sessions are for all abilities. You don't have to be able to run at a certain speed to attend. Don't be put off by the fact it's held at a running track. You do not have to run super fast. You run at your speed and no one else's. The session will be run by our very experienced Terry Brightwell.

This type of training is perfect over the summer if you are running an autumn marathon.

Arrive to start at 18:30 with a dynamic warm up and then into the session where you will be running at a fast rate and then a slow jog or a walk over short varying distances or maybe one set distance. You will cover around 3 miles during the session on top of the distance for the warm up and cool down. The session will be explained to you after the warm up.  You may have heard these sessions called interval training or Fartlek. The idea is to get your heart rate up for a short time and then let it recover and keep repeating. Over many sessions this will make you faster over longer periods.  

So how is this going to help you with running your marathon?

During the speed sessions you will mostly run close to or at 100% of your ability. Of course you will not run at 100% for your marathon. You might manage 6 miles but then you'll die in a heap at the side of the road (well it feels like that). You will run your marathon at around 80% of your ability so you can keep going for the longer distance.

By doing these speed sessions you will improve your 100% effort and your speed will become quicker. So if your 100% effort is quicker then your 80% effort will also be quicker so your marathon will be quicker.

If you have any questions regarding the session or different types of training please e-mail Richard Purton our Men's Captain.



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