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Title: Garmins or other GPS
Post by: Bill Wright on October 31, 2012, 04:20:14 PM
I have an old faithful Garmin 105 which I replaced a few years back with a 205. Fortunately I kept the 105. The 105 had a battery charge of 15 hours, the 205 only 10 hours and now it has died completely and I have binned it and I am using the 105 again for now, but I know it is on its last legs.

When I have been looking at reviews of the current models in Amazon there is a lot of adverse criticism about newer models only having 8 hours charge (this is progress!) and the fact that a number of the models seem to fog up easily even with just normal rain.

Are Garmin still the best on the market or does anybody have a good experience of any other make. Any advice would be appreciated to stop me making another expensive mistake.
Title: Re: Garmins or other GPS
Post by: Rick Ryder on November 03, 2012, 08:57:50 PM
Bill thats an easy fix on the 205 and 305, sweat gets into the small buzzer holes and the salt mousture corrodes brass push together pin connections if its not too bad i can fix a wire a repair and replace the battery (a nokia battery) or send it back to garmin and the will send you a new one even though its out of warranty (states refurb but its new!) for £50! bargain.. garmin have the very best customer service

on the replacement , as a precaution i placed two small square pieces of insulating tape over the breather/buzzer holes to stop sweat ingress, keep it contantly on standbye/charge when not in use to keep battery at its peak

my tri work mate / friend states his garmin 110 has given him 3 years service worn daily and only the strap has broke (recently)