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Title: park run is coming to thanet
Post by: Rick Ryder on November 28, 2012, 09:37:41 PM
i picked this up from the park run news letter today

A new Kent event, We are very grateful to Whitstable parkrun for holding the parkrun flag in Kent. Not content with that however, Jacky the Event Director is trying to start a new event in Minnis Bay near Birchington. We are looking for volunteers to support her and to take parkrun forward in Kent. Could that be you? If so, please contact Jacky at

I'm in a difficult position being a uniformed civil servant i can only attend to marshal or run events every other weekend hence difficulty attending or marshaling TRRAC events but i still manage to help out with parkrun events.. can i suggest helping at say.... 4 park run events or the two TRRAC events could get you into the VLM club draw? food for thought...

if we can get Parkrun into Thanet that would be superb.

Title: Re: park run is coming to thanet
Post by: Bill Wright on November 30, 2012, 05:44:45 PM

Jacky, to be fair to her, did ask me if I thought TRAC would have any objections and I passed the info on to Ed and Symon for discussion at the next management meeting. Jacky did not specifically ask me if we would be willing to provide marshals etc but I dare say they would be very grateful for any help which anybody could give them.

Park Run is a great concept and as you know I am a regular myself. It is so mixed ability and embraces everybody and would be a really good thing for our newbies who are not up to doing a 10k but would like to get some event experience. It also gives the Juniors a chance to run against adults over a manageable distance. For those who have not been to Whitstable, it really does cater for all levels with folk taking anything from 18 mins to 45 mins to do the 5k.
Title: Re: park run is coming to thanet
Post by: Ed Heardman on November 30, 2012, 07:02:41 PM
Thanks Rick,
As Bill says, the management committee will have a chat about it next week. I don’t know how much help we can formally give, as we put on a lot of events ourselves which take a huge amount of organising. So while it would be good to have members help out if they wish, I think the idea of linking it to the club’s VLM places is unlikely. But there’s plenty of scope to get more runners on the roll, which will support the event. Anyway, thanks for raising it and we’ll feed back later.
Cheers, and see you both on Sunday! Ed