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Title: Fancy supporting me on a longish run?
Post by: Bob Wild on February 28, 2014, 01:14:28 PM
I’m running a long ultra at the end of May, the Grand Union Canal Race, which goes from Birmingham to London (145 miles) along the canal path.  It runs from 6am Sat 24th May to very late Sunday or early Monday.

I’m looking for 2 support runners to take turns running (or walking) 10 mile stretches from about mile 70 onwards.  It will be very slow, and probably involve a lot of walking.  Provided you can run/walk 10m slowly (perhaps 11 or 12 mins per mile at best), I don't think there's any danger of me racing off into the distance!  After accompanying me for 10m, you'd get into the car, swapping with the other support runner for the next 10 miles, and drive ahead to the next rest stop.

 I have a mate who will be driving a car along the route and meeting us at the rest stops every 10 miles.  All accommodation, expenses and food will be covered.

I’m not looking for the best runner, but someone who will enjoy the atmosphere and experience, and talk non-stop to keep me awake & sane.  Ideally you’ll live in Kent so we can meet up a few times and get to know each other (I live in Herne Bay).

Interested?  Text me on 07909 758469, or email me on and I will send you details so you can see if you are available / still interested.