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Title: Any spare Junior vests out there?
Post by: Steve King on October 08, 2014, 12:11:58 PM
We're trying to get some more Thanet Roadrunners vests for Juniors to wear at the Cross Country at Swanley on Saturday.

Parents - If you have club vests that your children have grown out of, would you mind donating them back to the club so that someone else can use them?

Also, if you have a vest that still fits, but are not competing this week, would you be willing to lend it to a fellow club member?

We have a large entry from the club and have ordered new vests, but it is doubtful whether the smaller sizes will arrive in time.

If you have a vest we can use, can you please bring it along to the track session tomorrow (Thursday)?  Alternatively, let me know where I can collect it, either today or tomorrow. 

You will receive it back next week, freshly laundered and will have done a fellow club runner a huge favour!

Thanks in advance.