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Title: Nurstead / Meopham XC
Post by: Steve Adelsberg on January 21, 2011, 07:54:51 PM
I have to agree with John on this matter under the 'General Discussion' forum. I was very disappointed to see so few members bothering to turn out for the club. Bearing in mind how many female runners we have in the club poor Barbara was all alone to represent the ladies team! This is a sad indictment of the mind thoughts of the members when we can turn out so many for the Canterbury half (see race information on this website) yet we cannot provide a team for cross country meets. I understand that XC is not everybodies cup of tea, but we are a running club entered into 'team events' across the county. I know members also have family and work commitments but most people can juggle if they are so minded to support the team and club. It was not that long ago that Trac was well up in the team rankings, lately we are languishing in the bottom third.
Please try to support the club and team in race events in the future, regardless of your ability. If you are in front of another club runner that equals an extra point/position/place to Trac! We are a club but also a team!We need to work together to bring about team and personal success. See you all at future races, team mates!

Title: Re: Nurstead / Meopham XC
Post by: Steve Clarke on January 22, 2011, 11:10:33 AM
I can only concur with you Steve. I spoke to Sarah and Debby our two regulars and it was unfortunate that they both could make it at the same time.It didn't help having two race in two weeks. Having spoke to others in the past, it's generally the same story. Because of the distance, it will be early afternoon by the time i get back and i have family commitments. . On that note i will not be able to make the last race as i will be on holiday. I asked Wifey if we could rearrange, but the look she gave............ nuff said. Graham said he would do the duties on the day, so i will give him my stripes and you will have to salute him on the day. I will give Ed details as usual and check with Barbara before i go.
Steve C