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Title: Grand Prix races
Post by: Bill Wright on March 12, 2011, 12:15:25 PM
TRAC has a number of members who are fast, competitive and can usually be guaranteed to be well up near the top of any field and they are the runners who score most points for the club in the Grand Prix events. After that we have folk who maybe are nearer the middle of the field or in the last third like me. A lot of those runners probably think there is no point in running a GP race because they wouldn't score any points, but they are WRONG. Almost anybody can pick up some points for the club if they pick the right race.

Take Greenwich last week for example. The first 100 male runners from Kent running clubs score points. I finished number 283 in the field, but by the time you remove the ladies who were ahead of me and feature in their own league, the unattached runners of whom there were quite a number, and runners from clubs in other counties I moved up from 283 to about 70th and picked up 31 points.

So, those of you who think you are not competitive enough or too slow to contribute, you are wrong. In a field of 500/600 it is quite possible to be way down the pack and still pick up valuable points for the club. So, come on, get yourself up to Dartford in April and see if we can push the club further up the rankings, every point counts.
Title: Re: Grand Prix races
Post by: Ed Heardman on March 12, 2011, 04:51:58 PM
Good points, Bill - if you pick the rght race, particularly for the races at the other end of Kent, in which you will have more non-Kent runners, it's easier to score even if you are down the field.

Note now that Paddock Wood is back in the game - that might be more difficult to score at with a 2000+ field - but Dartford might a bit easier, but then Folkestone and Beckenham should again be good opportunities.