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Title: Ted Pepper Race
Post by: jenkinsg on May 04, 2011, 04:15:48 PM
Hi everyone.

I did the "Ted Pepper" 10k race on the 2nd May. It incorporated the South of England veterans championships. It's a 3 lap course run in a suburban area in South London. First lap I ran really well (Augers well for the summer relays) Second lap i struggled a bit and the third lap just hanging on. It was the first time I had run over 45 mins for a 10k. Now for the excuses! It was pretty hot and very windy. Anyone who ran the Whitstable 10k on the same day would know what I mean! It didn't help having just driven up from Devon and the knees were sore. Anyway, enough of the excuses because it wasn't all bad. I managed to get first place in my category. I would recommend this race to club members as it is well established and usually a fast course. However, this year because of the strong winds times were down. The winner was Mark Steinle in 33.26. See you all in the relays? Glyn.   
Title: Re: Ted Pepper Race
Post by: Steve Clarke on May 06, 2011, 08:42:00 AM
Hi Glynn,
I doff my cap to you sir. 1st in your category in the southerns is no mean feat. Well done. With yourself , Terry and Brian we will have at least one full team for the relays on Tuesday.