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Rick Ryder:
I have been running on these MIZUNO CRUSADER shoes for over a year and have lost count of the miles, yet they still appear almost unworn,
Sad i know but i have also put all 5 of my other trainers on the kitchen scales, 3 x Asics, 1 x Addidas, 1 x New Balance and these entry level Mizuno beats them all!(lightest) i returned to my 2 mile around Westgate Golf course "speed work!" today and beat my Asics DS Racers 16.09 with a 15.58

at £25 well recommended mens and womens available$ja=kw:mizuno+crusader+5|cgn:MIZ824|cgid:2192228580|tsid:9815|cn:New+-+Running+-+Products|cid:37686660|lid:26671611660|mt:Exact|nw:search|crid:8827048140&source=ppc&gclid=CKHq28-avqwCFUQe4QodbBl9qA


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