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Steve Clarke:
Hi all,
  Just a reminder that this Sunday ( 24th ) is the first of the cross country season. It's at Blean Woods in Rough Common starting at 11am . Any needed info please feel free to contact me in one of the usual ways. Today is Wed and my lap top will be going in for it's yearly check up so i will be off line for a few days.

Steve Clarke:
i have asked Ed to put up details of next cross country. Basically meet at Barbara's at 9am on the 14th in order so we car share to Swanley park. 

Steve Clarke:
I have details of the Kent cross country championships juniors, seniors and vets. Fell free to contact me for details

Ed Heardman:
Hi Steve - I've not got a mail re cross country, but I'll add a wider note to the front page. Likewise, if you send me details of the Kent XC champs, I'll list those as well.

Steve Adelsberg:
Steve, I was rather disappointed with the number of club runners turning out for the first of the XC races at Canterbury. As you know we need a certain number of runners to ensure we gain maximum points. I was hoping to see more smiley faces, hopefully there will be more keen members at the forthcoming XC events. I was personally very pleased with my position in the results, bearing in mind my previous ailments. As an add on, please accept my apologies and those of Nigel Cook as we shall be unable to attend the next XC race at Swanley due to the fact we are racing in a half marathon at Bargemon, near Nice, France that same day.
We look forward to getting to the other XC races, that is as long as I am in the UK and not swaning off around Europe in my motorhome.
Keep up the good work as team captain and thanks to you, I know it's a thankless task sometimes!
Regards, Steve Adelsberg.


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