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The Classic Marathon To Athens

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Rick Ryder:

entries open today

Rick Ryder:
flights to Athens currently £90 return? with easyjet

Andy Stevens:
You might be lucky and pick a day when the airport staff aren't on strike or the locals are trashing the city centre.

Rick Ryder:
Thats over reported.. like saying dont do the london marathon when the students are trashing westminster spooking camila or swinging from from the cenotaph.. or when the anti capitalists are still camping outside st pauls?
after 14 years army and 21 years prison service it would be a busmans holiday! now wheres my hard hat and flack jacket.. (did i mention £90 return with easy jet?)


Andy Stevens:
I do actually fancy doing it one year.  I was thinking about entering in the 2500 anniversary year of the original marathon but the prices were astronomical.  Saying that, the course itself is meant to be brutal.  It is the one that put paid to Paula Radcliffe.  I think the course profile showed 16 miles of continual uphill...........


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