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Bill Wright:
Can somebody fill me in on how the rules for the scoring work? I seem to have picked up points in the men's table and the M60 table. How are the points calculated and do the points from both the men's table and the age table both count towards the team scores?

Ed Heardman:
Hiya Bill, Well done on your sub 5! That new lease of running life and extra training in semi-retirement must be doing the job!
As I understand, the top 100 men for Kent running clubs score in the main event, with the top 6 in each club scoring for the team, so you scored team points at Mt Ephraim and Dulwich. I think it's the top 10 M60 who score for that series - there must've been relatively more 60+ runners at Dulwich, as you didn't pick up any points there for the M60.
You racked up your six runs yet?


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