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Fancy being a Running Fitness Coach??


Andy Carter:
If anyone is interested in becoming a Running Fitness or Caoching Assistant there is a course in the weekend of 21st and 22nd Jul.

If you are interested contact the Club secretary for further information on

It will need to be decided by the committee if some or all of the fees can be paid.

HI all. I would be very interested in this coaching course, however, I would need to know if running is actually part of the course. For those who don't know I am now awaiting yet another new hip :( , therefore not been around much. When , or if , I get it done,  >:( depending on new NHS guide lines, I would very much like to be doing short distances with a gradual build up :-\. Failing that it would be back to the old " Those who can't teach." Any info would be great. Big HELLO and LOVE to all.

John Cooper:
Hi Rob, hope your okay. It would be great to see you back involved and hopefully the committee would support your interest.

Cheers John. Will give you a call later.


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