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East Coast Kent NHS Trust
« on: July 16, 2012, 06:30:44 AM »
I've had this message in from the local East Coast Kent NHS Trust - Ed

Decisions about health care services in this area will soon be taken by a local team, based right here on the Isle of Thanet. Their official name is the Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group (Thanet CCG). The group is made up of Thanet doctors and other health professionals who will be taking over the decision-making process and budgets from the Primary Care Trust (PCT).

This means that local GPs will have more say in which NHS services are provided to residents in Thanet; who provides the services, and where they are based. It also means that you can have more of a say in how decisions are made about local NHS services – putting you at the heart of healthcare.
We have set up the Thanet Health Network to make sure that everyone gets a chance to make their views known – whether as individuals, through local community or voluntary organisations, or as part of a patient group. You will get regular updates on health issues in this area and will be able to give your views on healthcare decisions.
We want everyone who lives in and loves Thanet to get involved. Together we can make a real difference to the lives of local people.
Count me in!