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As some of you are already aware I know someone who collects items of clothing etc. for a little village in Egypt. So far the Club has provided a large quantity of T shirts, trainers and so forth.

 What happens is this; club members have provided kit, which in turn I take in to school, where a very caring lady bags it up and takes it to Egypt . She is so well known now Egypt Air wave excess baggage.  The village El Coum, in Luxor, has a very small school where the head teacher holds the clothing. It his him who ensures the clothes go to the most needy at that time.  If any body would like to donate their old kit, it would be most welcome. all sizes child and adult. I can pick it up on meeting nights, and you can let me know via this site.  :) :-* ;D

Sharon Foster:
Got some more trainers Rob - will you be at the meeting this Wednesday? :)

Hi Ya yep I'll be there this week. Now no more karate, teaching that is :'(, I will now have most Wednesdays free. I might be up for the Monday run tomorrow, 8th, I am still walking during my run though, so don't want to keep others behind.

Sharon Foster:
Rob it won't be a problem - the second group are very good about coming back and if they are still too quick I'm quite happy to walk with you ;D Give us a chance to catch up xx

Ed Heardman:
Hi Rob, I've got a couple of tops that look a bit crop-toppy (not a good look on me!) I'll bring them along on Wednesday. Ed


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