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Hi Debbie, not sure if you're sorted on the bike front yet. I have an old Raleigh Racer (spray-painted Raleigh Banana from the 90's) that is yours for £50 if you want it. I was going to put it on Ebay but you'd save me the bother. You're welcome to try before you buy and i can email you a couple of pictures. I don't think it would do long-term but might give you a taster. Don't worry if you're not interested. Cheers, Alex

Debbie Hatt:
Hi Alex - I had spoken to Andy Stevens at the w/end as he has one to sell and thought perhaps I should put things on the back burner as I'm marathon training at the moment and it's not a good time.  However, perhaps I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak.  Perhaps you could email me a picture at  Thanks.

 :) excellent i'll dig it out of the shed and send you a couple of pics over the weekend.


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