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Alan Green

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I am probably unknown to most of the members these days but I was one of the 5 founder members of TRR back in 1982. I met Alan at the Red Lion pub in St peters after an advert in the paper looking for running companions. I had just re-started running so it was a good opportunity for me.
Memory recollects that Alan, myself, Mike Barnes, Dave Gormley and Bob Macdonald turned up and at the end of the night, alan had inspired us all to form a running club !!
Alan's enthusiam was boundless and the following week the club was 'formed', many of the faces that second night still have active participation in TRR I understand.
Alan coerced me into being race director for some years and instrumental in the Road relay series. Being in business he had contacts with shops such as John Brown Sports and Les Riggs sports and the club flourished uner his chairmanship.
I do not wish to take anything away from later members but Alan was the impetus behind TRR in it's formative years and I truly believe that his like will not be seen again within the club.
I for one will sadly miss him.
John Austin


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