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newbie and the santa run


Rick Ryder:
Along came the rain to wash the snow away,
incy wincie Ryders ran along the Leas again!

Santa Fun Run 5th Dec
i made the classic mistake of thinking hey its only 5k! i set off way too fast, off in hot pursuit of the  teenagers, not realising they would stop as soon as they got to Mcdonalds!(honestly!).... anyways...cream crackered  4 and half kilometres later a very red faced santa just getting into his comfort stage of pace breathing and composure crossed the line..the wife said my paunch looks better in a santa suit then Nike lycra! i told her i could have ran faster with an empty sack but it fell on deaf ears...:0) Grin

Rick (50 fat and grumpy) and Rebecca Ryder 9 1/4 a little racing snake!

Ed Heardman:
Great stuff Rick - that's the trouble with 5k, and not made easier by dressing up as Santa.... At least you got out at the weekend though. Best of luck in the duathlon!

Sharon Foster:
Well done Rick - it is quite a run that one - great fun!  See you in January


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