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Bill Wright:
I know this is a real long shot but I am going to try it anyway. I have entered the Amsterdam Marathon on the 19th October, which is also my birthday, and originally six of our friends were supposed to be going with me to celebrate. The long and the short of it is that everybody has now pulled out and I am going over on my own. Is there by any chance any other TRAC member running this race that I could maybe meet up with for a beer etc.

Rick Ryder:
Bill I'm off to Rome Friday for a 42km trip around the sights!, a friend has indicated he's not up to speed for Brighton (Injury niggles) and I'm looking forward to poor wife will mention you in the divorce paperwork......but Amsterdam is flat? and you did say beer?

are you flying from Manston?


(about to put a crash helmet on and ask!)

Andy Stevens:
I don't think anyone is flying from Manston given today's news !

Bill Wright:
This race is fated for me! Yes, I am booked on a KLM flight out of Manston though it looks as if that ain't gonna happen now. By the time of the marathon there will probably be 500 houses on the site.

Bill Wright:
Well, that was disappointing, but ended up not costing me anything. KLM refunded in full when I said I was not prepared to go from Heathrow, hotel had been booked allowing cancellation up to 24 hours before and the race organisers have very kindly agreed to refund my entry fee in full, despite the fact their rules say only 50%. It is amazing how effective an emotional tear-jerking email can be!


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