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Duathlon sunday 2nd Jan....

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Rick Ryder:
Hi thanators (six legged beast in Avatar! just need to confirm i can enter the duathlon on the day at Minnis bay car park/cafe area... also i have a spare bike if anyone needs to borrow one (HILL 300 Dual suspension/ disk brakes!)

Rick Ryder

Sharon Foster:
Hi Rick - that's fine.  See you there!

Steve Clarke:
Hope you had a good morning and didn't get too muddy! ;D

Rick Ryder:
OUCH! dicovered that riding a mountain bike through the mud requires something i'm very lacking!....
talent and youth!
but what i lacked there i made up for in determination and excess body fat! (having a 9 yr old daughter at the finish line helps) so thank you for waiting for me..i allways get my old crate home...note to self: this is the one to marshall next year...which reminds me a BIG THANK YOU to all the marshalls for all the kind words of encouragement, to Raynet and St all the competitors who also gave me encouragement despite getting in thier way as they finished the xc section whilst i was still wallowing in the mire.... and those frozen dykes what a drain on the body! i almost had a Capt Oats (Antartic Expedition) moment " I'm going outside (to die) i maybe some time"

OK whats next? bring it on..........

Sharon Foster:
Well done Rick!  I think I was chatting to your other half and daughter at the finish yesterday - she was very proud of you ;)


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