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Kent U13 Championships


Steve King:
The Kent U13 Track & Field Championship takes place over the weekend of
Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th September 2014 at Norman Park, Bromley.

To take part, athletes must be aged 11 or 12 on 31st August 2014…

… So, if you were born on or before 31/8/2001, you will be too old to take part.  If you were born on or after 1/9/2003, you will be too young.

If you are in that age group and attended training last week, you were given a letter.  Please show it to your parents and follow the instructions. 

A few have already handed in their forms and it would be good to have lots more U13s taking part next month.

Steve King:
The entry form for the Kent U13 Track & Field Championship is attached. 

Make sure you read the letter (attached to the previous posting) before filling it in.

Hand in your completed form at training, so we can make all the Thanet Roadrunners AC entries together.


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