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Iwent for a run at Fowlmeed today, didn't expect to get much done; just a nice change. Got to the car park and was getting into all my clobber, then horror of horrors, I'd forgotten not only my watch ??? :-\ but also my SAT nav. Do I go back home and get them? :-\ How will I manage not knowing; speed, HR, distance, and time.
Well I'll have you know that: I ran further; ran longer; didn't look at my wrist once; and noticed all that was going on around me. For once I ventured out the bottom gate and found some great footpaths outside of the park. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to run just for the hell of it.
 Those of you who do run and are gaget dependant, leave them at home now and again and get back the feeling of running for fun. Thinking I will now make one day a week a " Gadget free day." ;) :)

I could not agree more Rob.  Some of my most enjoyable training runs are out on the downs with Maria. We just set off and hope to run for about 2 or 3 hours with no idea or care for how far or what pace were doing.

In fact these days I hardly ever seem to take the garmin out. ;D

Ed Heardman:
Thirded! Sometimes it's so easy to get too hung up on the numbers, especially after a month out when i'm a bit out of shape and can't manage what was doing 6 weeks ago!

Sharon Foster:
Fourthed!  I will be happy just to use my watch and for it to tell me I have run for 30 minutes at the moment!!  The only time I've relied on technology was back in 2005 when I relied on my Rob Sanham Metronome for a sub 4 marathon xx ;D

Thanks for that Sharon. Was it really 2005. Doesn't time fly! ::)


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