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Darent Valley 10k


Bill Wright:
I read Ian's posting in the news section about the Darent Valley 10k and how there were only 3 TRAC runners entered. I was surprised I hadn't entered that one, so I went to their website. We all put ourselves out quite a bit for our sport and I am not averse to an early start but 08.30 start about an hour's drive away up the county! I "come to" slowly in the morning and I have to factor in a fair bit of time before leaving the house, plus I like to get there about 45 mins before kickoff. I reckoned if I wanted to enter this I would have had to get up before 6am on a Sunday morning, I don't think so. No wonder only 3 of you guys are doing it.

Andy Stevens:
I did it a couple of years ago and had to leave hone stupidly early.  On the plus side you get back home at a reasonable time and it is a fab race.

Bill Wright:
Andy, yes I have done it a couple of times and it is a good race, but I have a funny feeling it is an hour earlier this year. They probably have to do it because closing the little narrow country lanes around the course and putting in the informal one way system they need has made it more and more difficult to get permission to hold it, hence the increasingly early start.

Andy Stevens:
I'm sure it started at 8.30 the year i did it.  I know i had to leave home around 6ish which was ridiculous for a 10k.


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