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London Marathon


Rick Ryder:
Wishing all the runners a great day tomorrow,
today the park runners at Pegwell gave them the recognition and  round of applause they richly deserve.
savor and enjoy the day.
I will be glued to the TV looking out for you!

Bill Wright:
Congratulations to all Traccies who were running yesterday, what an event. Was staggered at the time Paula Radcliffe did it in, 2:36:55 with very little training in the last couple of months, waving to the crowd all the way. Before Sunday the UK's fastest marathon time for a woman was slower than that. She finished about 7 minutes inside the qualifying time for Rio, what a performance.

Rick Ryder:
Ballot open all this week, link here..

Rick Ryder:,PZGO,2EYCLS,1QT4K,1

Rick Ryder:
yahhh im in! i cant believe it............. now... which charity?


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