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John Cooper:
I have noticed that the web site now has the 4 Club Championship races posted on the web site. At the last meeting Steve Suttle was asked to research and recommend options for the club championship races this year. Have these 4 races been selected followng Steves recomendations are have they been selected by the committee just because they are Kent Championship/ Grand Prix events?
As the club has not met since December when were the membership going to be consulted re which races were to be used for the club championships as was stated at the last meeting?

John Cooper:
With the number of 10 k races around and the difficulty we have getting runners to travel to far away races, i must ask why are we going all the way to Greenwich for a 10k race. I for one do not mind travelling to races if the race is worth doing but i will not travel 70+ miles for a 10k race when there are other races nearer to home.

Ed Heardman:
As you note, John, these are also Kent Grand Prix and County champs races, so I guess the idea is to try and get more club runners turning out for these events. The other point is to spread the club champs races throughout the year.
It is unfortunate that both GP 10ks are at that end of the county this year - as you say, the idea of a 3 hour round trip for a 10k does not appeal, so I think I'm most unlikely to make Greenwich either. Maybe there is a more local 10k some time in March/April, although this might not fit in with people's spring marathon training?Maybe Steve looked into this but nothing else was suitable.
We have the club meeting on Wednesday, so we can no doubt have a bit more discussion on it then.

Sharon Foster:
Steve volunteered to come up with a list of suggestions - these are the ones he came up with - Mark thought they seemed a good selection and wanted to let the club membership know asap rather than delaying and waiting for the next meeting - again it will be the same few members who bother to turn up to that.  Apologies if the races are not convenient - however we will never get a consensus. 

Mark says if you want to discuss at the meeting Wednesday he's more than happy.

John Cooper:
I fully agree with you Sharon it would be nice to see more people at the monthly meetings, I am unable to attend every meeting but do attend when i can get to meetings, however i am unable to attend the meeting on Wednesday to discuss this as i am working, (the problem of working shifts as Mark is well aware).
I fully appreciate the need to spread the races throughout the year and was only enquiring if the races listed were Steves proposals or not, either way i would like to thank Steve for agreeing to look at what races were available. I do however disagree with the fact that by selecting County Championships/Grand Prix races as club championships potentially increases the number of runners taking part as over the last few years this has been proved not to be the case as in some age catergories we have not even been able to give all championship medals away.
Unfortunately i can't do Canterbury (work) but think that is a good choice as is the Dartford half. Thanet Marathon is the obvious choice as it is the only one in County, unless the club arranged an out of County race with consideration to providing a mini bus / coach for those interested in taking part.  There are however numerous other more local 10k's that i believe would have been a much better choice, i.e Whitstable 10 k or Stelling Minnis 10K both in May or the Dinosour 10k at Deal held in the summer to name but a few.
As the races are published now for this year then the members will have to accept them. Could i suggest that in future the club discuss the options of which races earlier, with a short list of say 3 races for the 10k, 10 mile and half marathon being circulated and put to the vote to decide which races to use.


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