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Minnis Bay XC


Steve Adelsberg:
How hard was that race on Sunday? The fact the sun was shining had little impact on the freezing cold water in the puddles. Many of which had been covered in ice beforehand. My feet were frozen to the point I could not feel my toes. The fact I fell face down in one of the dykes didn't help and the body shock when the cold wind hit me whilst wet almost made me stop dead in my tracks. Thanks to all the marshals, many of whom thought it was highly hilarious when I took my tumble in said dyke! All of the marshals must have been frozen. Perhaps the fact they had an opporunity to laugh at the runners warmed their little souls.
Great results by many of the Trac runners. a real team event. Can we expect a good turnout next Sunday at Meopham? Another tough course, hilly, but only one water jump! Lol!
See you all next week and thanks again to Phil, the team and all the marshals and helpers.
Steve.  ;D

Jackie Lee:
You might be interested in this....

some interesting techniques..........

Steve Adelsberg:
Thanks for the above Jackie it certainly makes for a good laugh! If any of you want to see some actrion from Minnis Bay view the above which is now on You Tube!

 ;D ;D  Just had a look its so funny  well done everyone especialy those of you who went right under just for my amusement thanks


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