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Andy Stevens:
£13 for 2016 ?  I'm sure it only used to be a fiver or is my memory failing me ?  I won't be paying it as will need to enter 7 events a year to get value for money and don't tend to do that many any more.

Apart from the discounted race entry is there any other benefit to being a member of EA ?

Sharon Foster:
Tell me about it - I have emailed them urgently for clarification as worryingly reading the blurb it appears to look like you can't wear a club vest unless you are EA affiliated.  Watch this space!

Sharon Foster:
Hmmmm - just had the following response from Andi Drake at EA

 "While road runners will still be able to compete unattached, athletes, who wish to represent their club (and claim the registered athlete discount on entry fees) in road running events, will need to be registered."

Hope that clarifies the situation for unaffiliated members of Thanet Roadrunners AC.

So EA are going to make us pay twice if we wish to represent our club!!  >:( >:(

Tanya Edwards:
EA have just got worse! Not a lot of benefit in joining for the average club runner as you have to do over 7 races to get value for money. I think its disgusting if I have to be affiliated to be able to wear my club vest.
This year they reduced the number of club places we are entitled to for London marathon to 1. the same entitlement as a club with only 1 member affiliated (over 18). How is that fair when we have nearly 90 affiliated adults?
Maybe if we all individually complain to them it might make a difference? Probably not..... but worth a try?

Sharon Foster:
Here's the Road Running contact person - Andi Drake 


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