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Andy Stevens:
Yes that doesn't sound good at all.  I'm not up on all the rules but does TRRAC need to be affiliated to EA ?

Sharon Foster:
Sadly we do Andy - it is all to do with insurance cover for our events and being able to take groups out running etc and to allow track competition for the juniors

Sadly EA seem to be taking the line that road runners are an easy target to raise cash >:(

Bill Wright:
Andy, Sharon, Tanya etc.

I have asked them if you can run in club vest but pay the full fee. Andi Drake sent me the paragraph from the message and I replied saying it was ambiguous. He/She then buck-passed, told me to write to the contact address on their website, which I did, no reply so far. I know Sharon has also emailed several people with no response, it really is outrageous. Yes, Andy, you are right, it wasn't that long ago it was £5 then they put it up to £10 then £12 and now £13 which is an increase of 160% in about five years. They have also, I think, doubled the Club affiliation fee from £50 to £100 in the same time. I am sure it was only £50 when I was Treasurer. They have got us over a barrel, we can huff and puff all we like but I suspect it is a case of TOUGH!


Andy Stevens:
I got the same reply from them.  I am thinking, if people feel strongly about it, they can still be a member of TRR but run as unaffiliated in events ?  That would be a way around it whilst still belonging to the best running club in the world !

Bill Wright:

Of course anybody can run unaffiliated. I think the main point is that if they don't allow you to put your club down on the entry form it will not come up in the results. More importantly, it will mean those runners will not score points in GP races. Take yesterday for example, you have probably scored a bundle of points for the club, but if that race had been a week later you would have scored zero unless you were affiliated. There is nothing to stop an unaffiliated runner wearing whatever vest they want in a race, so we could all continue to wear club tops whether we were affiliated or not but only those affiliated would score. It is just a bloody mess.



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