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Isn't it about time there was a standard policy with regard to deferments due to injury, especially for the more expensive races. I have paid £55.00 for Bournemouth Marathon and will almost certainly not run it due to injury. GSI events, who also arrange Edinburgh Marathon, just keep all the entry fee, no refund, no deferment and not even the courtesy of a response unless you hound them. I e mailed twice in 2 weeks, phone when I got no response and phoned again when I got no response to that. I tried to e mail their main e mail address, but it no longer takes incoming mail and I put a post on their facebook page, but obviously they have veto on that, so needless to say it didn't appear. Not being able to run a race you have been training for is disappointing, to give the organisers a not insignificant sum of money for nothing adds insult to injury.  So beware of GSI events!

Rant over!!

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Re: Deferrments
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Rant continues.

I was in exactly the same position last year with this race and thought that they would at least reply to my emails.  Unfortunately these races are there to make money and customer care is the very bottom of the list.  Left a really sour taste in my mouth...especially they way we as  a club try to look after the runners who take part in our races.

Avoid the Bourmouth Marathon