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Does anybody know if I have an affiliation number?


andrew alison:
Hello fellow members. I tried to book a Runners World Race online it refused to let me close the booking until I had entered a club affiliation number. Does anybody know what this is and whether I have one as part of my membership or not. Many thanks ?

carl boarder:
i too am in the same boat :) (in that i dont know what the affiliation number is) also when do the EA affiliation confirmations occur also?

Sharon Foster:
Hi guys

EA are notoriously slow at sending out the cards but if you email Mark Hadden membership secretary he may have a note of it as he will have had to enter you.

Hope this helps

Mark Hadden:
Hi all, thanks for your notes which I've responded to individually.  Thanks also Sharon for pointing Andrew and Carl in the right direction ( ie  me).  Hope all's clear now but if anyone else has a similar query, don't hesitate to drop me a line eg via


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