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Sunday's club run


Ed Heardman:
Hope you guys had fun this morning! I couldn't have missed you by much - that'll teach me to try and time my run over to Derek's! Anyhow, had a nice run over to Westgate and back again, for a very pleasant 12ish. I've taken to zig zagging local streets at the end of the run to rack up the time and/or distance - a dog walker saw me a couple of times in a few minutes, and must've thought I was lost or something!

Sharon Foster:
Oh Ed what a shame - if you text Derek in future he can always let you know what way we've gone!

Ed Heardman:
might well do that next time - not to worry, working from home today so hopefully might make track training tonight. See some of you there!

Sharon Foster:
Will see you at the track before us revolters clear off! ;)


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