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Rick Ryder:
Well having survived  the Minnis Duathlon, Man Flu and managing to extend my endurance to 16 miles at the weekend its time to seek out a Marathon (oh dear!) and i have just had an e mail to say entries are now open for the classic Marathon to Athens race 31st october i suppose if your going to do one its as good as any? and unless i could raise a kings ransom in sponsorship i doubt if i could get into the London one, so my next question: has anyone experienced it?........Rick.....

Rick Ryder:
oops  jumped the gun! it was infact a thessaloniki race (its all greek to me!) which should suit me better

Alexander The Great Race


Bill Wright:
You can get into London without sponsorship, but you need to enter the general ballot one year in advance. If you want a flat marathon, closer to home and cooler than Greece which might be bit hot for a first one, the Amsterdam marathon which I did last year is in the middle of October and currently taking general entries. Or, even closer to home, you could always do the TRAC one in September.

Rick Ryder:
Nice one Bill. yes Amsterdam does look attractive and flat but its quite a trip from here (I did it in a day once, set off and returned at Midnight 24 hours later!), I have a second home in greece (Nea Skioni) and Thessalonki is only 60 miles from our Holiday Home, i missed the entries for 2500th Classical Greek Marathon (i wasn't ready anyway!) but I find the history and the thought of covering the route from Marathon To the restored  White marble Olympic stadium in Athens very very attractive (I'm on leave next October) it has more pull to me then the London Marathon, our place in Greece sleeps ten at a push (Sofa Beds) and it would be nice in future years to get a party together to do the in a weekend, with Stellios and Easy(stampied boarding) Jet we could do it under £100 return ... food for thought...

Ed Heardman:
I could have sworn that Marinos did a run somewhere around the Aegean last year? Or am I just imagining I read that?

My passport's now expired, so the furthest I'm now restricted to is Empire territories - that'll be interesting research.....


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