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TreadMill or tread carefully?


Rick Ryder:
Hi I'm exploring the idea of purchasing a Treadmill, i would like one secondhand for about £100 or the sub £200 in

gets very good reviews,

my work means i may leave home at 6 am and return after 9pm ( i would normaly do a 20 minute run) and with no lunch break.... so if the onshore rain is horizontal or the snow is deep i break my addiction to run daily, though i have recently learned the benefits of resting between longer runs! also my wife prefers not to run at night so she could get in the hamster cage with me!

I have never ever run on a treadmill so i'm very much looking for advice here....(Please)


Ed Heardman:
I can sympathise, Rick - out early, not back till late, but I normally get to run out at lunchtime!

I do a bit on the treadmill from time to time - normally speed stuff if I'm pushed for time - but I'm guessing gym ones are a bit above that price range, so don't know much about the household variety, I'm afraid!

Rick Ryder:
Having lived with a Treadmill for a few weeks now i must say i prefer the road even if its just a couple of miles around Westgate golf course its better then bouncing on the rubber road, melting as the belt drones around and around! though Annie (my wife) plods off two miles every night and loves it! She prefers the privacy of exercising indoors I cant say I blame her having incurred the abuse and gesticulations of the Thanet chavs in their novas speeding along sea road i can see the attraction....

so its bad rain and very windy days only........

Ed Heardman:
Glad the treadmill is going well - I've got a 1hr leg on one today for a comic relief relay. I know Cliff did a treadmill marathon last year - who needs rolling scenery, eh?! My wife is also one for exercising indoors, bounding aound the living room to one of her DVDs, although we've now got rid off the exercise bike-cum-clothes hanger....


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