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Ed Heardman:
Morning all! Nice to see a big crowd at Canterbury yesterday.

Getting close to Newsletter time again. So, as always, much obliged if you could get your writing hats on, and send me any race reports from the last couple of months (seems so long since some of the festive runs!) and any other musings or rantings which you’d like to share with the club.


Ed Heardman:
Just to point out that this request relates to the traditional paper newsletter - not the electronic newsletter you may have been sent yesterday.



if you are going to print at the beginning of march, I will have soemthing for you by then. I have a couple of races entered for late Feb so will do an article as soon as after...

Ed Heardman:
Cheers Lee. You've doen this before - beginning of March it would be! Best of luck with your races!

Andy Stevens:
I'll write up something from the Watford Half-Marathon this weekend  :)


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