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My house of cards has crashed again! advice urgently needed...


Rick Ryder:
In early october i tried to run for only the third time 13 miles from my home to Reculver and home, on the turn around at reculver i pulled a hamstring which pulled me up for 3 weeks, at the time i thought it was because i exposed my legs to the cold northerly wind and have kept myself well lnsulated in lycra all winter... Last night only one mile into my after work 2100hrs 2 mile dash around westgate golf course i pulled my other legs hamstring! despite warming up and streching before setting off and keeping my legs warm! i know i'm clutching at straws, but is there anything i can do differently to avoid there frustrating injuries? i managed to do a shift swap to have a crack at sundays Deal half...thats all in the bin now.. anyway i shall be marshalling next saturday at the parkrun give me a wave!  Rick........

Hi, used to have that problem a while back, before hip let me down, I use a heat rub and massage it  in. However I found it a bit too strong, so I tone it down with any of the cheap massage oils. Failing that you can mix  it with Dog Oil, which you can get from Holland and Barrett. Hope this helps. I think most of us know how painful a hamstring can be when not working properly! :'(


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