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Beach run - Saturday morning (19th)

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Andy Stevens:
Anyone up for a beach run on Saturday morning ?  Thinking of heading out early to catch low tide.  Starting from Viking Bay at around 6.30am and running to Margate (ish) and back along the beach.

I'd love to, Andy. However, I might not be able to get back to work on time ...

Ed Heardman:
hmm, maybe Andy - you just love Quicksand, don't you?! Can I let you know later in the week, although I'm normally an early Sunday kindaguy....

Andy Stevens:
Lee - what kind of excuse is that ??  ;)

Ed - no worries just let me know.  I'll be doing it regardless on Saturday morning but company would be cool too.  I'm out on the ale Saturday night so Sunday morning wouldn't quite work for me this weekend !!

Ed Heardman:
all clear for Saturday, Andy - I've got two hours. Should get us a fair way on the beach! Shall I catch you at Viking Bay for 6.30, or do you want to come past mine on the way down?


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