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Marathon Training Plan


Debbie Hatt:

Is there anyone who will help prepare a marathon training plan for me in preparation for the Thanet Marathon (must be bonkers!!!). 

I know I can download this off the internet, but thought if someone who knew my times/abilities personally could do something for me it would serve me better.

I'd really like to progress and would be a good student and do as I'm told and following a training schedule to the letter.

Is there anyone that feels they are up for this???  I can let you have my 10k, 10mile, 1/2 marathon and marathon times to go by obviously.

Ready and waiting ...

Debbie x

Sharon Foster:
Debbie - Mark has done plans for several peeps that seem to have worked quite well - I'm sure he'd be happy to :)

Debbie Hatt:
Fantastic Sharon thanks.  If you would kindly mention it to him that would be great and I'll speak with him when I see him out and about this week hopefully - tonight maybe?

Thanks again,

Sharon Foster:
Unfortunately he's working tonight but should be there Thursday - hope the weather improves before tonight!


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