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Report by Ed Heardman
2013-08-16 12:21:48

TV Personality tackles the Fosters Law Kent Coastal Half Marathon

 TV Presenter Kaddy Lee-Preston will be taking part in the Fosters Law Kent Coastal Half Marathon as part of her training for her charity trek up Kilimanjaro.  She will be trekking the Thanet course with a loaded rucksack on her back.  Ian Lockyer, Public Relations Officer of Thanet Roadrunners, went to speak to her to ask her motivation for such a grueling challenge.

Why Kilimanjaro in particular?  Kaddy said,’It’s a mountain you can climb with no need for previous mountaineering experience. This however doesn’t mean it’s easy!  It’s over 19,500ft (5895m) high and the largest mountain in Africa – in fact it’s known to be one of the biggest ‘dormant’ (I hope) volcanoes in the world!  It’s beautiful, magical and climbing up it takes you through jungle, glaciers, ice fields and barren landscapes that apparently look like the moon.  The weather will be a challenge ranging from +25C at the bottom to -30C at the top, the camping probably grim (no showers or running water for 7 days, and a toilet will consist of a hole in the ground.  No glamour up Kili!) But I’m incredibly excited about it and chuffed that I am able to take time out of my work schedule to go.  Since leaving the BBC I have been looking for a new challenge and climbing Kili for charity seemed the perfect adventure’.

So why choose the Fosters Law Kent Coastal Half-marathon as part of your training?  Kaddy said, ‘I adore the Kent coast, especially the wonderful world of Thanet.  The people have always been super friendly too, and I love how you feel a million miles from London, pollution or over population.  Every time I come to Thanet I spot a new view of the coast I’ve never seen before and it always makes me very proud to live in the county.  The Coastal Half will be great training for Kili, and although I won’t be running it, I will have walking boots, a rucksack and know it’ll still be tricky’.

Are you an accomplished runner/walker/trekker? ‘I walk everywhere and try to avoid using the car for short journeys.  In fact I try to walk at least 8 miles per day, even when I’m not training, and so I really need to step it up for Kili.  I’ve never done a walking challenge before, but have cycled over the Andes in South America and cycled up the equivalent height of Everest in Mexico – both for Macmillan Cancer Relief so I know the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a major physical and mental challenge.  I also know the fear and pain that a tough challenge can bring, so I’m well aware that there will be tears and moments of doubt up there. The problem with Kili will be the altitude sickness, and this is something that is impossible to train for in this country.  It also affects you no matter how fit you are and some people find it debilitating.  I sincerely hope that taking each step very slowly and taking on lots of water will minimise the effects of the lack of oxygen…but it’s certainly something I am concerned about and not taking lightly’.

So what personal items and can you not just leave behind on this trip? Kaddy said, ‘I will miss having showers, eating fresh fruit and Kentish ale.  No decent bed for a week doesn’t fill me with glee either!’

If anyone wants to keep up to date with Kaddy’s training and other adventures or sponsor her please visit

Good luck Kaddy…we will all be rooting for you.


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