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Report by Sarah Woodward
2017-02-21 20:07:58

Race Day - A Junior's Perspective

Brands Hatch Kent Champs 7th January 2017

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and remembered that it was my race day. I slowly made my way down stairs and ate my bowl of Rice Krispies for breakfast. An hour later I was rushing my family out of the house and into the car so I could get to the race with good time to spare.

Another hour went by and we arrived at our race course (Brands Hatch race circuit). Where we parked was quite a way away from the race HQ so by the time we got there I was panicking about having enough time to warm up and walk the course. We headed straight to the port a loos before they got too yucky and horrible. The field that we were running on was completely submerged in fog. It was time to start walking the course so I got out my race map and…didn’t know where to go. I thought the map was going in one direction and my family thought it went in another. I was arguing that I was right and my family telling me I was wrong. I started getting in a bit of a tis and rather stressed. My mum told me that the more I got upset, the more it would start to affect my race. I knew what she meant, but in just couldn’t calm down. In the end I felt I didn’t have enough time to walk the course so went on to warm up (still in a tis) and soon started feeling better. Friends from my club started to arrive and that made me feel even better. I went on to do my drills and strides with some club friends.

The fog was rather scary because you could hardly see 50m ahead of you. I still didn’t know where the course was but luckily an older girl from my club (Becky) explained it all to me which helped a lot. She told me where the up hills and the down hills were. This helped me later in the race because I knew when a hill was coming up so I could make the most of it.  

At last it was time to get on the line. I had done a race the week before which didn’t go very well because I got trapped going around the corners not long after the start of the race. So this time I knew to get in front of people early in the race before the first corner.

BANG…the gun had gone! And we were off.  

About 3 minutes in and things were going well. I had got off to a good start but felt that I shouldn’t have been where I was because I was in front of girls that normally beat me. Should I slow down? Was I going to tire myself out too early? I decided not to slow down and kept where I was. The fog helped in the end because it meant I didn’t know how much further I had left to run.

Next was the downhill and I was ready for it. Seeing friends and family along the course really helped and gave me an extra boost.

After the next uphill (which seemed to last forever) we went around the corner and into the finish. I felt excited before I had even finished. I came 2nd and was really pleased. Not forgetting that I was really tired.  I felt really happy but it’s not always like that.

Now time for warm clothes and hot chocolate and  having fun cheering on other friends…. before the long journey home.

Youtube videos down below:

Report by Jenny Swandale


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