News Competitive Endurance Runners Required……. Competitive Endurance Runners Required…….


Report by Ian Lockyer
2018-01-01 20:15:29

Competitive Endurance Runners Required…….

Are you interested in learning how to monitor your training loads and recovery during pre-season? 

We have had contact from Hannah Sanagan who is providing an exciting opportunity to participate in her latest research study. The study is investigating the usefulness of a submaximal warm up, for monitoring athletes’ responses to training.

Hannah is looking to recruit competitive male and female runners (> 3 run based training sessions per week –amounting to >30km/wk) between ages 18-55 years of age. Participants must be free of a history of cardiovascular problems, respiratory disorders, neurological conditions metabolic diseases, and without injury for the last 3 months. It is also beneficial for you to own your own wearable heart rate monitor/GPS watch in order to participate in the study.

You will be asked to track your own training programme using a HR/GPS monitor during pre-season training. You will be taught a 10 minute submaximal warm-up which you will need to perform before 3 of your training sessions per week, as a way of monitoring your fatigue or readiness to train. You will be asked to attend 3 laboratory visits in the first month to measure fitness and practice the submaximal warm up. After this, you will be asked to attend one track session every 4 weeks, to measure performance during a 12-minute run.

By participating you will gain a free assessment of your fitness level (VO2max). You will gain knowledge of key physiological data which can be used to guide future training zones, and analysis of how effective your current training programme is in increasing your running performance. Importantly you will be contributing to exciting research into the development of endurance training programmes.

Please click on the attached participant information sheet for more information regarding the purpose, benefits, and risks involved in your participation.

If you are interested in taking part in the study, or have any questions please contact Hannah Sangan via email:


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